How peaceful are YOU? Take the test below to see how peaceful you are in your life, your relationships and the world.

The test contains 39 questions. When you are finished taking the online test, your scores will be added and you will be presented with the results.

Try not to over evaluate your answers and just answer your first instinct. Have fun!

1. On a scale of 1 to 4 how easily do you get stressed? (Or show symptoms of stress such as a tension headache, a “short fuse,” anxiousness, over-reactivity, low energy, etc.)

2. How often are you stressed?

3. How often are you living in the past or thinking about the past?

4. Have you forgiven everyone that you feel has wronged you or made a mistake that hurt you?

5. True or False? I have effective ways (techniques) to handle every day stress

6. How often do you get angry?

7. How do you handle your anger?

8. How often do you experience joy?

9. Do you have a regular practice of prayer/meditation/affirmation or visualization?

10. How often do you exercise physically?

11. How often do you stress or worry about finances?

12. How often do you express yourself creatively?

13. True or False statement: “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

14. Do you do any volunteer work or are you actively involved in any social causes?

15. What is your general attitude toward life?

16. Do you donate money to groups or organizations?

17. How often do you play?

18. True or False: I often feel lonely and alone

19. True or False: My work (career) is in alignment with my values

20. How do you feel about change?

21. Is your career emotionally, physically and spiritually fulfilling?

22. True or False: I judge others

23. True or False: I am able to easily understand someone else’s side by putting myself in their shoes

24. True or False: I often want what other people have

25. For the next five questions, rate your relationships with the following on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the most peaceful, loving, harmonious relationships and 1 being the most chaotic, stressful and disharmonious relationships. (Note: if you don’t have a relationship with a particular category ie: you’re self employed and don’t have coworkers, you must answer the question based on a previous experience or how you would be with coworkers. Do not leave an answer blank.)

Your Parents or Children

26. Coworkers

27. Spouse/Romantic Partner

28. Friends

29. Strangers/Random encounters

30. True or False: I have a great support network. (ie: friends or family that encourage me and want the best for me.)

31. True or False: I am surrounded by positive people

32. Do you get emotional when watching the news or reading the paper?

33. How often do you take sides on any issue?

34. True or False: I defend or argue my beliefs with others frequently

35. True or False: I feel helpless to create change at a global level

36. True or False: When making a decision, I consider the effects of my actions on the environment, other people, etc.

37. What is your general belief about others?

38. What is your feeling toward people who commit a crime, etc?

39. True or False: The Universe is friendly